Bifrost v.0.9.0 (beta)

Environment: mainnet-beta



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What is Bifrost?

Bifrost is the next-gen price discovery launchpad built by Blocksmith Labs, enabling projects to maximize capital raise whilst providing a seamless mint experience with anti-bot measures. Bifrost is the launchpad Solana deserves.

Bifrost Desktop

Dynamic Price Minting

Dynamic Price Minting for your public mint ensures you can capitalize on the demand and reach a fair price consensus while avoiding bots.

During the public mint, the price starts at a set price and gradually increases as users mint and demand rises. Once the price reaches a ceiling, it begins to drop until it finds a floor. This process repeats itself until a fair mint price is found.

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Why Bifrost?

Bifrost is a no-brainer for projects. It makes everyone's life on Solana easier.

No Token Distribution. No Wallet Collection. 

Our whitelist mint is Discord server role-based. You won't have to collect wallets or distribute tokens. Just assign roles as you normally would, we will take a snapshot of your whitelisted users 24 hours before mint, and they'll be good to go. It's that simple.

Multiple Mint Methods

Don't be limited to only one method of minting. You can choose between our dynamic price mint built with Strata Protocol which ensures that your public mint will maximise your potential capital raise and deter bots, or our fixed price anti-bot mint.


A small percentage of the supply will be minted using FORGE which goes to our treasury. For the dynamic price mint, we only take a cut when you raise more capital than you would with a fixed price mint. No royalties. Ever.


The opportunity to mint NFTs using FORGE, the utility token created by Blocksmith Labs which is rewarded daily to holders.

Services provided

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Dynamic Price Mint

~5k collection, 2 SOL mint price, potential capital raise with other launchpads: 8k-9k SOL

~5k collection, 2 SOL mint price , potential capital raise with Bifrost launchpad: 9k-20k SOL.

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Fixed Price Anti-Bot Mint

We also provide you with the option for the standard fixed price minting that we are all used to. Fitted with anti-bot protection, you will never have to worry about any of your mint phases getting botted.

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Freeze Transfer

Who thought listing before a project has finished minting was a good idea? Not us. We provide the option to freeze NFT listings until you're satisified and ready for them to be made available to the secondary market. By default, we will lift the freeze as public mint starts.

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Tech & Features

Discord role based whitelist minting. Two anti-bot minting solutions, dynamic price minting or fixed price minting. Freeze transfer of NFTs to prevent listing before sold out.

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Matrica Integration

Holders unite. Our seamless integration with Matrica means that your discord will automatically be setup with holder verification directly after mint.

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Mercury Feature

Launching on Bifrost grants you an instant feature on the Mercury dashboard, bringing massive exposure to your project to 100,000+ Solana users.

Mint Phases

Percentages allocated to individual phases can be configured based on project needs.

Forge Mint

A small percentage of your project supply will be available for mint in FORGE.

Whitelist Mint

Whitelist SOL mint will only be available for mint by whitelisted users in your Discord. No wallet collection or token distribution required.

Public Mint

Public SOL mint powered by your choosing of either dynamic price or fixed price minting.


Apply now for BIFROST Launchpad

Our doxxing process includes extensive measures like 1-7D Escrow, transferring mint funds only to a KYCed CEX address, mandatory video call with the core team, and more randomized measures that change every time.


To cut a long story short..